Well, that’s the question I’ve been trying to answer during my entire experience as a human being on this plane known as earth >> heart.

If I were to create a fancy blog one-liner about Me, Myself, and Eye, then We would say this:

I create narratives, experience miracles, and help storytellers connect with audiences.

David Villalva (Vee-yahl-vah)

If I were to create quick-hit emoji points, then I’d also say this:

???? Creator of The Fast Draft Novel Writing Process, The Storytelling Blueprint, and The Strange Truth Project

???? Man of Faith trusting in multi-dimensional universes and Christ-Light innerverses

???? Lucid Storyteller of plot structures and scene patterns living inside novels and screenplays

???? Friendly Neighborhood Alien terraforming the page one word at a time 

???? Deep Dreamer seeking to help you become lucid to the story of your life


???? IT BEGINS AT BIRTH: From the moment you exit the womb, you’re told who you are.

    ???? A name is assigned >> a number >> a lineage >> Your character is cast

    ???? A position is marked >>  a country >> a culture >> Your setting is set

    ???? A threat is proposed >> a hot stove >> a stranger >> Your antagonists are staged

    ???? A path is paved >> an education >> a job >> a mate >> Your story is scripted

???? IT ENDS AT DEATH: Until your final breath, external forces will attempt to shape the meaning and trajectory of your existence.

    ???? As a result, you may spend your entire life viewing pieces inside of yourSelf based on what others told you about things outside of yourSelf. 

⏳ IN THE MEANTIME: “Who are you?


Well, that’s what I’m hoping we can answer together – because I believe:

    ???? We are connected.

    ???? We are special and unique.

    ???? We are more than these host bodies.

    ???? We are capable of transforming this realm.

    ???? We are coming to remember our original nature.

    ???? We are meeting in new conversations creating change.

❓ Are you open to exploring new possibilities and perspectives?

If so, what if we united search parties and looked together? Maybe we could quicken the discovery process?

    ???? This blog is where I share my ongoing travels of Self-recovery – in the hopes we can write a new story about human beings.

    ???? This domain serves as a watch window into me, for you – because maybe if I show you mine, then you’ll show me yours.

    ???? This online dimension also helps you craft stories that connect with audiences – by showing you the proven storytelling framework in novels and screenplays, and helping you find your writing voice without a single keystroke

???? IN THE END: I encourage you to uncover who you are, follow your heart, create with intent, and author your story with eyes wide open – on and off the page.



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