At some point you read a book and thought, “I can do this. Actually, I can do this better.”

So you came up with an idea that nobody wrote about yet. 

And that idea swelled to the point your head would explode if it wasn’t unleashed, so you started writing your book because no one else could.

You dreamed it would touch people’s lives.

Inspire them. 

Change them.

Entertain them.

But one day you got stuck staring at a blank screen or wondering how to fill the gaps. 

Maybe you had pages of notes and ideas, but no clue how to connect them. 

Maybe you just got frustrated reading the crap you left on the pages.

Well, it turns out that writing a book can be a real pain in the azz.

David Villalva-10.27-21

Hello, I’m David, and my first writing coach offered me a refund.

Some exact words from the email were:

  • “I couldn’t tell you the main storyline.”  
  • “I can’t tell you, with confidence, what anybody in this story was trying to accomplish.”
  •  “I can’t coach what I can’t comprehend.”


After getting that feedback, I walked to the bed, tossed my blackberry, and fell face forward.

I realized my writing was NOT worthy of 5-star reviews or high fives, and the only thing my book was inspiring so far was a new refund policy.

This unscheduled reality check was the reason I decided to take back control of how I’d leave my mark on the world.

So I started to learn about storytelling, muting my inner critic, and how to turn readers into fans.

And I discovered the strategies, techniques, and processes I needed to get unstuck and connect with readers.

So I launched this website to help others learn while I continued to level up my own writing game. 

And within 1 year: I guest posted at that writing coach’s website.

Within 2 years: This website was named #11 among WRITER’S DIGEST’s 101 Best Websites for Writers.

Within 2.5 years: I provided editing services for writers and launched a novel writing course that helped storytellers finish awesome first drafts and publish their novels.

Within 3 years: I filmed, scripted, voiced, edited, and published a documentary that went viral, millions of views, thousands shared it, hundreds emailed me, colleagues pulled me aside, a stranger approached me in public, and an old friend reached out.

That’s when I realized the true potential when you apply the power of timeless storytelling principles.

It got me more attention than I ever wanted.

All of that is what helped me say farewell to Corp America and become a full-time writer.

And here’s where I share everything I’ve learned (and still learning). 

I invite you to join me in the journey.


— David Villalva (Vee-yahl-vah)

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