Resources for Storytellers & Fiction Writers


After 10+ years of storytelling successes and failures, here’s some of my best stuff to help you create stories you’ll be proud to publish.

The Storytelling Blueprint

Illustrates the plot structure used in best-selling novels.

The Scene Building Blueprint

Reveals the scene pattern used in best-selling novels.

Create a Villain Blueprint

Create the villain who fans want & heroes need.

Killed Darling Résumé

Get inspired to craft memorable characters.

The Simple Secret to Hooking Readers on Page 1

“My pants malfunctioned in the bathroom.”

4 Shameless Reasons Why You Should Write for the Money

Assess your value to write for purpose and profit.

The Twisted Truth About Becoming the Writer You Want to Be

You’re not fooling anyone in that costume.

Find Your Writing Voice Without a Single Keystroke

Sing on the page without lifting a finger.